Benefits of 3D digital x-rays

Benefits of 3D digital x-rays

Benefits of 3D digital X-rays

Three-dimensional x-rays offer several advantages for the specialist and the patient.

For the patient:

  • Less exposure to radiation.
  • Easier to understand the explanations of the specialist (clarity and accuracy of radiographic images). Multiple views can be displayed, enabling the specialist and the patient to see the structures from different angles.

For the dentist:

  • The quality and quantity of information provided by the CBCT on different types of tissues and organs (soft tissues, bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels), facilitates the insertion of implants, making it more precise, quick and predictable. The specialist can get pictures of the impacted teeth, measure the quality and volume of the jawbone, sinuses, and inferior alveolar nerve, which are not available with traditional 2D x-rays.
  • The specialist knows the ideal position for each implant, with millimeter precision, which facilitates the surgery and allows him to achieve unmatched accuracy.

Damage to surrounding structures (remaining teeth, inferior alveolar nerve, and maxillary sinus) can be minimized.