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Connection with your hygienist

Connection with your hygienist

Connection with your hygienist

The relationship with your hygienist is important because you will spend the majority of your dental cleaning appointment with him or her. Before even starting the cleaning, your hygienist will take the time to talk with you in order to:

  • Create a relationship of trust;
  • Assess your stress level;
  • Learn about your predispositions (e.g.: fear, financial restrictions, previous traumatic experience, etc.);
  • Know your needs and goals (e.g.: to get functional prostheses, a more aesthetically pleasing mouth, etc.).

Many suffer from anxiety or fear when it comes to dental care. You can be confident, the hygienist will always listen to your needs and be reassuring.

Your dental hygienist will provide you with all the information about your situation and the recommended treatments and possible alternatives.