Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency

Visit the dentist or wait?

Tooth pain, discomfort, visible tooth decay, concern: we all need to see a dentist when such situations arise. In some cases, it is possible to wait until the next follow-up appointment while in other circumstances, an immediate consultation is necessary.

How to identify truly urgent cases?

Waiting too long to see your dentist after an incident might limit the treatment options available to you.

Here are some situations that require immediate attention:

Broken tooth

Whether it involves pain or not, a tooth fracture should be evaluated very quickly by a dentist; ideally, right after it happened. It is highly recommended to bring the broken tooth fragment (if you can find it) and to keep it in saliva, milk or a plastic wrap (Saran Wrap) until the arrival at the dentist.

In addition to providing information on the causes of the incident and on the state of the tooth, the fragment could possibly allow the dentist to piece the tooth back together with adhesive and composite. In the worst scenario, your dentist may use the fragment to reconstruct the original shape of your tooth as accurately as possible.

Knocked out (avulsed) tooth

When a tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth, it should be put back in place as soon as possible. As the tooth must be clean, it can be gently rinsed without touching the root surface and properly repositioned.

In most cases, people come to a dental clinic so the dentist can place the tooth back in its socket. In this case, the same recommendations prevail regarding the conditions of preservation of the tooth, but the chances of success are diminishing gradually as time passes after the tooth has fallen out.

Swelling of the cheeks

Consult a dentist without delay. Swelling usually indicates the presence of an infection and the danger that it could worsen and spread is real. Apply a cold compress on your cheek and call us at 450 465-7800 or request an appointment online.

Your orthodontic appliance is broken

The lingual retention wire came loose and prevents you from closing your mouth?A bracket came loose and is hurting the inside of your mouth? Call us at 450 465-7800 or book an appointment online as soon as possible to prevent oral injuries. A general dentist may perform certain procedures (e.g.: repair a wire) but ideally, he or she will refer you to your specialist.

Pain preventing you from sleeping

Dull pain or shooting pain appears? Such pain rarely ceases by itself. It usually indicates an abscess, inflammation or bacterial infection. The pulp of your tooth might be affected. After an examination, we can relieve pain and offer adequate treatments.


Some situations, without being urgent, require advice from a dental professional within a foreseeable period.

Following a dental trauma

Have you suffered a blow to the mouth or a fall that might have impacted your teeth? Even if none of your teeth seem broken and there is no pain in the following days, it would be preferable to mention it during your next dental check-up at the clinic in order to make a comprehensive examination of this area. Imperceptible injury without immediate symptoms may occur (e.g.: fracture of the root, cracked tooth).

A mouth injury that does not heal

A mouth ulcer that does not heal or an injured tongue are enough to make our daily life almost intolerable when the situation stretches over several days. The advice and recommendations of your pharmacist can help you but if this continues, book an appointment with us by calling 450 465-7800 or request an appointment online in order to ensure that these symptoms do not hide anything more serious.

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