Finance and Insurance

Finance and Insurance

Note that our clinic provides free electronic claim transmission to your insurer. In most cases, we have an immediate answer regarding the amount granted for your dental treatments. You only have to pay the deductible and your coinsurance (the percentage representing the portion that is not covered by your insurance, usually it is 20%).

Insurance forms that cannot be transmitted over the internet are filled for free and will be given to you. It is your responsibility to send the forms and pay the fees to the dentist. The treatment plan and the estimate for different treatments will also be given to you for free and is part of the many services offered at Concept Dentaire Rive-Sud clinic.

We want to remind you that the insurance coverage varies according to the agreement signed between the insurance company and your employer. It is illegal to overcharge your insurance or to not claim the difference. It is, therefore, your responsibility to inquire about your coverage and the maximum amount allocated per year.


Methods of payment accepted