Palatal expender



The palatal expander is used to create space for the eruption of the permanent teeth.  It also allows to adjust the width of the two dental arcades and to harmonize them.


How does it work?

The palatal expander is placed on the upper molars.  The expansion screw that is located in the middle must be enabled according to our specifications.

1 – Insert the key (a small wire) into the small hole in the screw of the expander.

2 – Push the key in the direction of the arrow until you feel a resistance.  You should see the second hole before removing the key.


When to activate it

You can enable it at the time of the day that suits you.  Just keep this sequence thereafter.  We recommend to activate it before bedtime, you will feel less discomfort during your sleep.



The pronunciation may be reduced for a period of a few days to a few weeks.  A little practice (reading aloud) should help you.  Excessive production of saliva is expected to decrease after a few days.  Practice to swallow with your lips closed and without making any noise.


Pain and discomfort

It is normal to feel a pressure at the nose and eye level when you activate the device.  Tooth sensitivity and discomfort can last a few hours.  You can slow down the activation sequence if the pain persists.

It is likely that a space will form between the anterior teeth.  This space will close during the treatment.  Apply a small piece of wax on the hooks if they irritate your cheeks.



Avoid biting into fruits and raw vegetables with your front teeth.  Cut any hard food in sticks or pieces. To avoid damage and cleaning problems, we recommend that you exclude hard and sticky foods such as jelly beans, chewing gum and caramels.



Remove your expander and rinse it under running water to remove food debris.  While you brush your teeth, you can soak your device.



Once you have obtained the desired width, it is necessary to stabilize the results for several months.  The device is used for retention, but it should still be kept in good condition.  If you think that your unit is broken or maladjusted, feel free to contact us.