Permanent Dentition (Adult Teeth)

Permanent Dentition (Adult Teeth)

There are 32 teeth in your mouth

The permanent dentition has a total of 32 teeth, including wisdom teeth.

Here is the composition of this dentition:

  • 8 incisors (central and lateral);
  • 4 canines;
  • 8 premolars;
  • 12 molars.

These teeth will be visible in the mouth from the age of 12 or 13. The first adult teeth will appear from age 6-7 and form the mixed dentition because there is still the presence of some primary teeth. The last primary tooth is shed around age 12.

Eruption chart for permanent teeth

  • Central incisors: 7-8 yrs.
  • Lateral incisors: 7-9 yrs.
  • Canines: 9-12 yrs.
  • First molars: 6-7 yrs.
  • Second molars: 12-13 yrs.
  • Third molars: 17-21 yrs.

Enamel, a shield for your teeth

Enamel is the most solid and hardest tissue of the body. On the Mohs hardness scale, tooth enamel reaches 5, while glass and steel reach 5.5 and diamond, 10.

Since enamel is even resistant to the destructive effects of fire, it is not uncommon to use teeth as a source of DNA for forensic identification of human remains. Enamel is, however, very sensitive to acids and must be protected from them through the removal of dental plaque by tooth brushing.

Historical role

Throughout history, detailed examination of teeth has disclosed valuable information regarding their host. Thus, teeth can provide information about species, age, and social status of humans and animals. For example, DNA from teeth helped to identify causes of death like the plague, typhus, and various poisonings.

Role in everyday life

The permanent dentition has several crucial functions:

  • Eating solids without constraint;
  • Speech (the position of the teeth or the absence of certain teeth can influence our way of pronouncing certain sounds);
  • Adequate functioning of the digestive system (properly chewed food).
  • Self-confidence, pride, and self-esteem.

Teeth and facial aesthetics

Tooth loss causes a loss of alveolar bone (jawbone), which makes your face look older than it is in reality.

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