Postoperative Instructions After a Dental Crown Procedure

Postoperative Instructions After a Dental Crown Procedure

After the placement of a crown or bridge made in the laboratory:

The following instructions must be respected to promote healing. Note that it is normal to experience some discomfort and swelling after the surgery.

The placement of a dental crown is usually a two-appointment procedure. During the first visit, we start by taking an impression of the teeth to replace. Then we install crowns or temporary bridges while waiting for the replacement teeth to be ready.

Day of surgery

  • You may have a little bit of fever.
  • If necessary, use the medication prescribed or recommended by our team.


  • Don’t drink hot beverages while you are still under anesthesia.
  • Avoid eating hard foods (chewing gum, candies).


  • Try to chew on the opposite side.

From the next day and until complete healing

  • Brush your teeth normally but be careful when flossing (to not remove the temporary crown).
  • If a temporary crown falls off, you will need to come back so we can cement it again. This is designed to prevent the other teeth from moving and affecting the installation of the new tooth.

If you feel pain, have difficulty closing your mouth or have any other question, call us at the 450 465.7800.

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